Little Sprout

Little Sprout

  • Age 5-8
  • Class size 8-12
  • Cost $35 per class
Jr. Chef

Jr. Chef

  • Age 9-13
  • Class size 8-16
  • Cost $45 per class
Teen Chef

Teen Chef

  • Age 14-16
  • Class size 6-12
  • Cost $50 per class
Adult Events

Adult Events

  • Age Adult
  • Class size Varies
  • Cost Varies per event

What the Kids are Saying

About lettuce seeds...
How does something so small
grow into something so good?

- Chloe

While mixing cauliflower, sweet potatoes, spinach and onions with garbanzo bean paste for veggie pakoras:
(child says quietly)
This is gross - I hate all this stuff.
(same child while eating pakoras)
These are delicious - how many
do we get?!

- Abby

About Gordita Inflada con
Frijoles y Huevos...
Mom, they were so good with eggs,
like daddy makes,
and beans like Chipotle’s!

- Solomon